Commercial Real Estate Firm Migrates Critical Services to the Cloud

IT Infrastructure Challenge

Twenty five agents, support staff, office management, and a research department, a full-service multi-faceted global commercial real estate firm, depend on access to a variety of computer-based resources to get the job done. From accessing detailed property data and simple communication tools, to chasing leads and closing deals, the computer network is more than mission-critical, it’s livelihood-critical. After analyzing current IT impact and future growth projections, the firm wanted to find a way to combine improved risk management with cost flexibility while maintaining computing depth and growth potential — and believed a virtual cloud configuration could help them achieve that goal.  Greystone Solutions provided  advice and assistance in migrating key services to deliver the promise of the computing cloud.

The Greystone Approach

For small to mid-sized businesses, local management of essentially simple computing systems means high overhead. In the virtual cloud, however, those same businesses can approach IT systems much like they would any utility: pay for dependable, needed services on an as-needed basis, scaling up and back on demand. Greystone Solutions, as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, is expert at identifying the key business functions that make the best use of cloud functionality. Greystone then manages the migration of those functions and critical data to a virtual cloud configuration seamlessly and with minimal impact to day-to-day business activity.

Careful consultation between the IT staff and Greystone engineers led to identifying appropriate and robust cloud solution options, improved risk management, probable cost-savings, and an efficient plan for moving priority functions. The client chose a hybrid migration, moving the most critical services to the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) while retaining local management of certain other IT hardware and functions. Migration of two servers and five key services were completed in days, not weeks, with no service outages for client in the process. The ongoing relationship between with Greystone allows the IT staff to take advantage of Greystone expertise in monitoring cloud-based activity, and ensures they always have the resources to meet service and computing needs.

Greystone Solutions Delivers Better Business in the Cloud

Upon migration of key services, the client experienced an immediate expansion of business opportunities with the cloud-based services, and an increase in confidence that the computing services needed by the driven and demanding staff would be secure and scalable for the long term, in any circumstance.  As more services are migrated to the cloud, the client expects to see a complementary reduction in IT costs.

Managing the growing IT role at isn’t just about doing fine, it’s about doing better. The Amazon EC2 solution delivered by Greystone is that “better,” delivering scalability, cost-effectiveness and cost-flexibility, lower overhead and critical disaster recovery functions.  Greystone made the promise of the virtual cloud a reality. The client is confident that migrating to the  cloud was not just the right things to do for the business, but also the best thing to do.