Anthony Moore – Senior Consultant

Anthony Moore

Anthony Moore – Senior Consultant


“I’m always looking to align the impact of our work to our clients’ goals so they realize meaningful outcomes.”


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My Mission

My mission is to provide high quality, efficient solutions to our clients. I’m always looking to align the impact of our work to our clients’ goals so they realize meaningful outcomes. Our clients operate in very dynamic environments. Each client is unique. No two environments are the same. This means we have to bring, to every client, an ability to be highly responsive to dynamic business and technology issues so we can help the client rise to their occasion, whatever that might be. I enjoy the challenge of working with a variety of clients.


Where I Specialize

My areas of specialization include cloud computing, business intelligence and application development. I’ve completed several “forklift” upgrades where we take an existing server and application and migrate them to a cloud environment, like Amazon Web Services. I also specialize in business intelligence projects where we help our clients glean the value of their data to support more efficient business operations. For application development, I enjoy translating business processes into software systems that help our clients improve productivity.


My Certifications

MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional


My Favorite Project

A while back I worked with a pharmaceutical company on a business intelligence project. The client’s finance and project management teams were spending up to two weeks developing reports every month to present to board members. They were looking for ways to automate this process and put their team members on more productive projects.

We took data from the finance and project management systems and loaded it into a data mart. We built an OLAP cube to allow them to browse their data using Excel so they could slice and dice it according to their needs. After this project was done, what formerly took two weeks to complete could be accomplished in 5 minutes, with the click of a button. The quality of the reported data was also more accurate and up to the minute. Needless to say, this client was very happy with the outcomes.


My Education

The Pennsylvania State University, BS in Computer Science and MIS


My Interests Outside of Work

I play video games on occasion to relax and relieve stress.

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