Axel Garcia Zarate – Senior Consultant

Axel Garcia Zarate

Axel Garcia Zarate – Senior Sharepoint Consultant


“I want to understand my clients’ business concerns and deliver the technical solutions they need. “


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My Mission

My mission is to provide the best support and solutions to our clients’ needs. I want to understand their business concerns and deliver the technical solutions they require to reach their objectives.


Where I Specialize

I specialize in web applications, mainly on SharePoint and Microsoft technologies. I enjoy deploying intranets to increase collaboration between teams. This allows organizations to have better cross-team functionality and communication.


My Favorite Project

I have been working with a biotechnology company that was, until recently, considered small. But they have grown exponentially. This means their need for technology to support daily work has also grown exponentially.

I’ve enjoyed helping them define their technology plans that map departmental needs into a larger operating model. We translate their requirements into a big-picture strategy that allows for future growth, not simply at the departmental level. Our efforts have allowed this company to continue to grow quickly, even as departments become more nimble. I also feel good that we are protecting their technology investments by ensuring that their budget is spent wisely on technologies that will have a good ROI and long shelf-life.


My Education 
  • Technology Institute of Monterey – emphasis in information technology
  • Technology Institute of Monterey – MBA, emphasis in electronic commerce


My Interests Outside of Work

I love movies. Adventure films and drama and suspense movies are a real thrill for me. I prefer to go to the theater because of the full, rich sound and the big screen. It just looks and sounds so much better. It’s an immersive experience that takes me outside of myself. I like the experience of it all.

I like reading. I read adventure, fantasy and science fiction. I like these genres because they give me a window into another world that is different from mine. I imagine the scenery and the places the authors describe. I have a vivid imagination and I love it when a good book paints these beautiful pictures.

I enjoy sports, soccer in particular. I also enjoy watching professional sports. Lately it’s been tough to make the time for this. But there is nothing quite like sports. The Word Cup and the Champion League in soccer are great fun for me.

I also enjoy live theater. The experience of going to a theater and seeing live people on stage is unique. It’s not like the movies because something could go wrong at any moment. The actors have to carry the story and they have to do it live in front of an audience. I also love the music in a theater being live and right there. Musicians who play in real time make the feeling of the story come alive for the audience. I really like that.

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