Bob Shear – President

Bob Shear - President

Bob Shear – President


“I feel we’ve succeeded when clients say to us – it just works.  This is the value we bring to our clients.”


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My Mission

My mission is to build the right solutions for our clients. This is why we exist. The kind of work we do is very difficult to get right. I feel we’ve succeeded when clients say to us: it just works. This requires a lot of critical thinking on our part and an ability to simplify the complex. This is the value we bring to our clients.

But as president, I also have another very important mission. It is my responsibility to lead and inspire our team to stay true to our core values: listening to clients, designing elegant solutions that solve complex problems, empowering the efficiency of our clients and creating systems that are reliable and intuitive that nearly anyone can use.


Where I Specialize

I am a software engineer and designer of systems by trade and am capable of building what I design. I am a strong computer programmer. I’ve been in the industry long enough to see all sorts of ways to do things better and things to avoid.

More than this, I am a technology visionary. I see how technology can transform an organization to create levels of efficiency, capability and profitability that didn’t exist before the systems went into place. I see how technology can be applied in ways that other people sometimes do not see. This comes, in part, from my many years in the industry and also my strong grasp of the types of applications that can solve business problems.


My Favorite Project

A few years ago we helped an insurance company transform their operations. They wanted to automate 80 forms for their underwriters. They had spent several hundred thousand dollars on a failed software initiative that only automated 3 forms. The CEO was subsequently terminated.

The new CEO brought us in to fix the issues. In short order, we architected a solution that allowed their underwriters in the field to use Microsoft Word to fill out forms one time, no need for paper copies. The data was automatically transferred to their database and stored for operational usage. This allowed them to significantly reduce their paper storage requirements and saved them a tremendous amount of time and money. The new CEO was greatly pleased with the outcomes and we maintain a warm relationship to this day.


My Education
  • University of Minnesota, Music performance
  • Harvard University Extension School, A.L.B in mathematics
My Interests Outside of Work

I am an avid reader. I read science, math, philosophy, history and fiction. I read as much as I can. It keeps the mind sharp. I’m also studying for a master’s degree in biology. It’s a pleasure to apply my computation skills and experience to basic science.

I used to do a fair amount of mountaineering and skiing. Now I tend to be more of an active hiker, especially with my children.

Back in the 1990s, I produced jazz albums. One of them made an Associated Press listing of the 1,000 best jazz albums of all time. It was good music and I’m proud to have been a part of it. It is unfortunate the way the music industry has worked out.

I have been an active sail-boat racer. I also have done a lot of flying. I am a commercial, multi-engine instrument rated pilot and a certificated advance ground instructor.

I love to run and cook, and these two tend to balance each other out. The longest distance I run is a half marathon. I do this in the Boston area mostly.

I also have four wonderful children. I spend as much time with the family as possible.

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