Juan Flotildes – Senior Consultant

Juan Flotildes

Juan Flotildes – Senior Consultant


“I aim to build the best possible solution to meet our clients’ business requirements”


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My Mission

My mission is to develop and build the best possible, most efficient solutions to solve our clients’ distinct business requirements. Recognizing our clients’ specific needs is the key to delivering the right technology and to building the right application that aligns with their business objectives.

Where I Specialize

I specialize in Microsoft stack development such as Sharepoint, Office 365 and .Net technology. Office 365 planning, and implementations. Microsoft exchange on-premise migration to exchange online. Office 365 Single Sign-On, Active Directory migration to Azure.

My Favorite Project

One of the projects that I recently worked on was for a private equity firm. They needed an enhancement to an existing extranet for investors to expose a new content type. Because of the security requirements and “behind-the-scenes” complexity it was challenging to implement. But when it was done, it looked simple to the user. That’s an example of technology aligned with business goals.

My Education

Colegio de la Purisima Concepcion – BS in Electrical Engineering

My Interests Outside of Work

I love fishing. I consider fishing like a sport in that sometimes I feel like I win the game if I catch something. In the spring and summer I find time to go fishing with my buddies.

I also volunteer in my local community church on Sundays. On Sundays, the church needs helping hand to continue to function. I feel grateful that I am able to contribute.

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