Pamela J. Taylor-Paris — Vice President, Consulting Services

Pam Taylor-Paris

Pamela J. Taylor-Paris – Vice President, Consulting Services

“I partner with my clients and team to ensure that we successfully build the right solution, for the right price in the right timeframe.”

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My Mission

My mission is to continuously enhance the value of the services Greystone provides to our clients through effective client engagement and service delivery improvements. Each client is different. Understanding their individual needs is the key to a successful partnership not only for creating comprehensive solutions that satisfy their business requirements but also for nurturing the business relationship.

Where I Specialize

For 15 years, I have held leadership roles in Consulting Services organizations. This has provided me with diverse client experiences that I leverage every day. I am a technologist who began my career as a software engineer and have 25 years of experience architecting enterprise systems with a specialization in Portals and Collaboration on a variety of platforms: SharePoint, Office365, Notes, and Domino.

My Favorite Project 

My favorite project is one that involved extensive Business and End User Analysis in the Notes and Domino user community coupled with a deep understanding of the Notes and Domino architecture. This project allowed me to flex both my interpersonal skills and my technical chops.

During my days as a Notes Client developer, I had the opportunity to revolutionize the Notes Client to include support for Roaming Users. At that time, each machine had a different instance of the users’ personal settings, contacts, email and journals, and every machine supported only one Notes user. The use of browsers was taking off and a heavy client that forced a one to one relationship with users and their desktops was unpopular. The Notes user base demanded a modernization of the client.

I architected a solution which allowed a user’s Notes desktop to follow them wherever they went, leveraging Notes and Domino replication, making use of the Windows User Profile to support multiple users on any given machine. By using features that were native to the Windows and Dominos platforms, I was able to achieve a seamless solution in several months with a small team of developers. IBM subsequently obtained a patent on this architecture.

My Education

University of Vermont, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

My Interests Outside of Work 

I am an “outdoorsy” person and spend much of my free time hiking, skiing and enjoying the great outdoors in places from Cape Cod and Stowe, Vermont to Alaska, and Colorado. I am also into healthy eating, constantly expanding my repertoire, and am into CrossFit Hybrid workouts. I am an avid reader and often have several books in flight simultaneously.

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