Rich Morrison – Principal Consultant

Richard Morrison

Rich Morrison – Principal Consultant


“I want to help my clients make the best possible technology decisions to achieve their unique business goals. “


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My Mission

My mission is to provide as much value to my clients as possible. I do this by filling in the blanks and guiding clients on all sorts of decisions regarding technology. The world of technology has become very complex over the last several years. There are all sorts of opportunities to make good, and not so good, decisions. My mission is to help my clients make the best possible decisions to achieve their unique business goals.

I’ve been in the consulting and technology space for over 20 years now. It is my personal mission to bring all of my years of experience to bear for my clients. I take personal responsibility for the outcomes that are produced through the engagements that I manage.


Where I Specialize

I specialize in Microsoft software: systems integration, SharePoint and custom applications using the .NET stack. I work with our clients to understand their goals and then develop creative solutions based on my deep working knowledge of the technology. I love it when clients bring me complicated problems where I can apply technology to make things a lot better for them. It’s a thrill for me to see efficiencies improve, employee morale and productivity go up and to hear that clients have increased profits because of the work we do.


My Certifications
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer SharePoint
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer .NET
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist SharePoint/BizTalk
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer


My Favorite Project

I’ve done a lot of systems integration work for clients over the years. One of our clients sells musical instruments over the internet. We helped this client integrate a custom solution that automates their warehouse systems so they can work seamlessly with Amazon, Target and other major retailers. We also keep this software system up to date so they can add new retailers over time.

The work we do allows them to be much more efficient and effective with major retailers. The solution for our client is low-maintenance and extensible. We work with the client to ensure that the system stays up to date and is reliable and robust. As a musician myself, I take no small pleasure in knowing that I’ve helped other people gain the joy of playing a musical instrument. What fun for me!


My Education
  • Berkeley College of music, emphasis in guitar, music theory and composition
  • Boston University, C++ and Windows development programming


My Interests Outside of Work

I remain very interested in music. Recently I’ve been playing guitar and bass quite a bit. I’ve been studying recording techniques and how to compose in a studio environment. I love this because it helps me think in a different way, using a different side of my brain.

Believe it or not, I think this helps a lot with coming up with creative technology solutions. I’ve noticed that when I’m playing and recording in my home studio, my mind seems to be sharper at work. I tend to think of things in new ways that I might not have thought about before. I go down different paths and this helps me solve problems for my clients. Music is so much more than just entertainment and relaxation. It’s brain food.

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