Stephanie Wong – Consultant

Stephanie Wong

Stephanie Wong – Associate IT Consultant


“I want to improve our client’s technology environments and the way they collaborate and interact as a team. “


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My Mission

My mission is to grow my skills and relationships with clients and our team so I can deliver the greatest value possible. Our clients face a lot of challenges and need our skills and support to help them achieve their goals. I’m looking to improve our client’s work process and the way they collaborate and interact as a team. This is really important to me.


Where I Specialize

I specialize in Microsoft technologies and application development. I work with different programming languages, though mainly with C# and PowerShell. I also work with SharePoint to improve our client’s productivity and to enable their teams to work together more efficiently.


My Certifications

.NET Fundamentals


My Favorite Project

I enjoyed working on a project for an insurance client. They had a legacy application that they used to manage insurance policies. This system had been built more than two decades ago and needed to be updated to a modern system.

I had an opportunity to catalog the old screens and envision how they might look in a modern system. As a team, we got to see our ideas come to life over the course of the engagement. In less than 3 months we brought this application to life. It was an immersive experience working with the team from the first stages of planning the project all the way through to supporting the client as they integrated the application into their work environment post-project.

The client benefitted from a new and much more reliable system. We added new features and functions to the software and that improved their productivity substantially. The employees were really happy to have this new application that made their jobs much faster and more efficient. It was a great project that fulfilled the client’s business needs.


My Education

Boston University, BS in computer engineering


My Interests Outside of Work

Outside of work, I enjoy exploring Boston, being outdoors, and walking around seeing things. This is a great city and the architecture and the buildings are beautiful. You can usually find me around the farmer’s market, the public squares, and the nooks and crannies of this historic city.

I’m also connecting to meet up groups and people who are passionate about the technologies we deploy. Learning about from others about how they are always finding new ways to use technology to solve problems every day is a lot of fun for me.

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