Since its inception in 1995, Greystone has succeeded in creating a range of effective, high-quality solutions for our clients. The foundation of this success is a concrete set of core values, setting high standards upheld at all levels of the company. Our core values are as follows:

  • Greystone is committed to retaining employees with deep technical competencies who are capable of passing on the benefits of their superior technical knowledge to our clients.
  • We are devoted to providing frequent training, ensuring that all employees gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the latest available technologies and resources.
  • Knowing that each company has a unique set of challenges, we are dedicated to gaining an in-depth understanding of the business processes applied by our clients.
  • Greystone Solutions realizes the confidential nature of a company’s distinct challenges, enterprise data and business processes. Therefore we uphold the strictest security measures when dealing with every project, no matter what the size.
  • When discussing opportunities with potential clients, we are committed to conveying honest and realistic timing and budgetary estimates.
  • While Greystone Solutions is proud of our expertise in a variety of technical arenas, we are upfront and realistic with potential clients regarding areas with which we do not possess adequate experience.
  • Like our employees, the technologies we rely on must meet the highest standards to be considered for our solutions. Greystone remains committed to utilizing proven technologies when providing quality solutions to our clients.