Greystone Solutions Joins Amazon Web Services’ Public Sector Authorized Reseller Community

To help engage New England State & Local customers, Greystone Solutions, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner has joined Amazon Web Services’ Public Sector Authorized Reseller community. Greystone Solutions provides local engagement and coverage to AWS customers, especially in the Partner Solution Map transportation category and horizontal solution areas of SharePoint, Business Intelligence (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL) as well as various Managed Services offerings.
Since 1995, Greystone Solutions has created innovative solutions to the local market.  They were an early adopter of AWS technologies, both as a reseller as well as a service provider.  Typical customer use cases include:

  • Deploying SharePoint Enterprise Content Management to EC2
  • Reporting and integration servers
  • Product and service trials for new ventures
  • Portals and public web sites
  • Virtual Private Clouds for complex development and test environments
  • Reduction or elimination of physical server installations for reduced cost, improved security, scalability and disaster recovery