Amazon Web Services Hands-on Labs: Boston & Woburn

February, 2013
Greystone Solutions AWS Cloud Workshop
We will provide an overview of AWS features along with hands-on experience running Microsoft products on the AWS.  Topics covered will include security, disaster recovery, deployment, and monitoring.
Each attendee will receive a complementary $50.00 Amazon Web Services voucher.
In the OPTIONAL Advanced Lab & Concepts segment, attendees may choose to:
– Deploy a Microsoft SharePoint server farm with load balancing, or
– Perform a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data recovery over multiple AWS regions
Business Objective: The goal of this seminar is to demonstrate the business value of Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing platform and its ability to drive key benefits for your organization. With AWS, companies can provision compute power, storage, and other services – gaining easy access to a comprehensive suite of robust IT infrastructure services as business demands them.
Audience: System/Solution Architects, IT Professionals, and Technical Managers
Prerequisites:  Knowledge of Microsoft Windows Server OS, Basic knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server desirable