Application Development

What Is This Service?

Today there are packaged application systems and services for just about every imaginable business purpose.  Even so, there are still occasions when the development of a custom application is appropriate.

When custom applications age, become unstable or lose their security, application development is often a great solution, especially if the enterprise still relies on that application.  In other instances, application development can fill the gap for a company which needs a tool that simply doesn’t exist.  Some companies need a new application to encapsulate business processes into a set of steps that their users can easily follow.  Other companies need a custom application to integrate existing systems, datasets or other business resources.  In all of these instances, custom application development is a cost-effective solution to move your business forward.

Who Needs This Service?

Such systems may be employed to provide a competitive advantage in customer-facing or production activities. Occasionally they may be used to adapt generic technologies to improve efficiency, safety or accuracy of internal processes. They may be required by special regulatory or contractual requirements. Sometimes they are necessary to leverage existing collaboration and/or data analytics technologies.

What Is the Greystone Approach?

We start with a careful statement of the business needs and requirements to be satisfied. We strive to create an architecture that leverages existing client technical assets and off-the-shelf technology without compromising overall performance.

We employ software engineering discipline and best practices throughout the software life cycle. We combine this with careful user interaction design. We engineer for maintainability and reliability.

How Do Our Clients Benefit from This Service?

With thoughtfully designed and skillfully implemented custom application systems or components, our clients enjoy the benefits of systems that meet their unique needs while at the same time leveraging the advantages of off-the-shelf services and systems.

What Technologies Do We Employ for This Service?
  • SQL Server
  • C#
  • Angular.js
  • Node.js