Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

What Is This Service?

Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (DA/BI) practice is dedicated to getting the right data in the right format to the right people at the right time. This ranges from highly controlled and carefully designed fixed format reports and visualizations to traditional data warehousing technologies for ad hoc analysis and dashboarding to Big Data visualization and predictive analytics.

Who Needs This Service?

In spite of the increasing importance of predictive analytics and multidimensional data analysis, accurate easy-to-read beautiful reports – on-screen, on paper or in PDF – are still the cornerstone of many information systems. They not only communicate important information but also are part of your firm’s brand.

Integrating organizational and personal dashboards into the daily life of your team members improves decision-making and can be a force for positively influencing behavior.

Predictive analytics can unlock enormously valuable inferences about your business from data you already have combined with publicly available sources.

What Is the Greystone Approach?

We approach every Data Analytics and Business Intelligence project from four anchor points:

  1. A clear identification of the overall objectives for the system
  2. An analysis and understanding of the data structures and semantics
  3. An understanding of the conceptual and visual experience we intend to create, with particular attention to the users’ capabilities and needs
  4. A thorough understanding of the technologies deployed and to be created


How Do Our Clients Benefit from This Service?

The Data Analytics and Business Intelligence systems that we build are easy to use and maintain. They look beautiful and provide information and insights that empower your staff to make better decisions and take the right actions at the right time.


What Technologies Do We Employ for This Service?
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • SQL Server Analysis Services
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • Cortana Analytics
    • PowerBI
    • Azure Data Lake
    • Azure Machine Learning