Cloud Computing

What Is This Service?

Today the benefits of cloud computing are widely acknowledged. The leading public cloud platforms, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, offer an extraordinarily broad range of capabilities. The selection, configuration and implementation of these capabilities to meet specific performance, security, reliability and manageability requirements are critical to the successful adoption of cloud computing.

Who Needs This Service?

Firms adopt cloud computing to extend capacity, to replace on premises equipment, to implement disaster recovery, to reduce cost and to improve security.  Successful adoption requires a roadmap, detailed guidance and insight into the underlying software processes that will be supported in the cloud.

What Is the Greystone Approach?

We start every cloud adoption project with a survey of existing conditions and requirements for successful project completion. We then design network, computing, and storage resources.  We also configure security monitoring and alerting tools and deploy operational and DevOps tools for a successful implementation.

How Do Our Clients Benefit from This Service?

As much as a successful implementation of a cloud computing initiative can improve security and performance while reducing cost, gaps in design or implementation can have the opposite effect.

Using our planning and implementation services can help to avoid the missteps that inevitably arise when adopting new technologies.  By drawing on our expertise, our clients realize all of the benefits of cloud computing with lower risks, higher confidence and rapid results.

What Technologies Do We Employ for This Service?
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365