SharePoint Cloud Quickstart

Business Challenge:

You have a need to leverage the enhanced feature set and data security capabilities of SharePoint 2013 “on-premises”, but you don’t have available “on-premises” computing resources.  Enter the Cloud!


Greystone will work with you to build a secure, highly available “on-premises” SharePoint 2013 environment on your own cloud, according to the requirements and features you specify:

  • Infrastructure
    • Web Front End Server(s)
    • Application Server(s)
    • Database Server(s)
    • Active Directory Integration
    • Single Sign On
  • Applications
    • Collaboration
    • Business Intelligence
    • Search
    • Business Process Automation
    • Intranet / Extranet / Internet
    • Project Management
    • LOB System Integration
  • Training
    • Classroom
    • On site
    • Interactive eLearning via v-Books