Content, Communications and Collaboration

What Is This Service?

Not long ago, the tools of the digital workplace were simple desktop applications, email and file shares. Today a plethora of capabilities are available to organizations: portals, social media style communications, sophisticated search as well as integration with an enormous selection of internal and external data sources.

Yet, typical knowledge workers still see email and file shares as their principal tools for communications. These workers face not only an ever more rapid tempo but also a landscape of terabytes of data or more.

To realize the vast potential of current collaboration, communications and content management technologies, firms must thoughtfully design and implement an ensemble of communication tools that are consistent with the firm’s organizational configuration and work style. This must be combined with appropriate knowledge engineering and digital document management designed to create an intuitive, seamless environment that reduces the friction of relevant communications and puts the right information at the user’s fingertips.

Greystone’s Collaboration, Communications and Content service is designed to give knowledge workers the tools they need to succeed while giving the IT function a strategy that brings sanity to chaos and improves manageability.

Who needs This Service?

Any firm committed to digital transformation needs an effective, reliable collaboration and content solution. Every firm needs a secure and reliable way to store, find and review your business records and other documents.

What Is the Greystone Approach?

We start every project with a careful look at the overall objectives to be accomplished and the organizational, technical and resource constraints in which the solution must operate.

For new initiatives, this means understanding work style and culture of the users and the structure and organization of the content that the team uses. In conjunction with your users, we design user interactions and technical structures that are intuitive and that are useful in the face of internal and external change.

We believe that reliability, ease-of-use, security and extensibility are the solid foundation of technical confidence. While we have technical proficiency in the relevant technologies, we always strive to implement the simplest solution consistent with our clients’ objectives.

Frequently, firms are encumbered by previous attempts to provide intranet or portal solutions. Sometimes these systems have become increasingly more difficult to use, especially as the workplace evolves in complexity and use cases. Sometimes they simply suffer from reliability or usability flaws. At Greystone we work hard to find solutions that are practical, that can provide needed relief and a foundation for continuous improvement.

These projects typically move through five phases:

  1. Requirements, scope and planning
  2. Design, including wireframes, user interviews, workshops, prototypes
  3. Development
  4. Initial deployment
  5. Refinement
How Do Our Clients Benefit from This Service?

Our portal solutions improve communications internally and externally. They make valuable information assets available to those who need them while keeping them safe and secure. They make life at work more efficient, more effective and more pleasant.

Companies who buy this service report increases in collaboration and innovation, especially among knowledge workers who need to collaborate to achieve their goals.

What Technologies Do We Employ for This Service?
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Yammer
  • Skype for Business
  • Delve