Managed Services

What is it?

As a Managed Services client you have a knowledgeable Greystone Consultant who functions as your primary contact person. You will always deal with a single knowledgeable contact you can trust. Your Greystone Consultant learns your business and understands your problems. They however do not work alone. Behind the scenes, your primary contact engages with the larger Greystone team, leveraging technology specialists to derive the best solution and quickly accomplish exactly what you need.

To make sure we are always on task, your primary contact engages with you on a regularly scheduled basis to review your backlog and make sure you are making optimal use of our services. Each month you will receive a report on how you leveraged our services, what items are open and what is on deck for the coming weeks. This method has proven to be a dramatically effective management tool insuring that our clients are achieving maximum value, and that Greystone is working most efficiently.

Managed Software Support Services

Managed Software Support services is about flexibility, agility and predictability in your IT spend.  In complex computing environments, organizations often have ongoing need for expert advice and input. Greystone offers software support services to support continuing needs of clients. For a monthly rate, you have access to the pool of Greystone engineers and their collective expertise to manage regular tasks or even backlog tasks for a defined number of hours.

In any given month, if you do not use all your contracted hours, Greystone allows you to bank the hours for future use. Don’t have enough hours in this month’s budget to cover your needs? Greystone allows you to borrow hours from a future month to get the job done. Furthermore, Managed Services clients can request up to twice their contracted hours to address that pressing issue that must be solved immediately.

Managed Infrastructure Support Services

Organizations have enough to do to manage core business and strategy. Offloading the day-to-day management of computing infrastructure to experts can allow you to keep your focus on the big picture with the confidence of knowing your IT is running smoothly. For a fixed monthly fee, Greystone can take over responsibility of your cloud-based infrastructure, working with you to ensure you have the resources you need to achieve your business goals.

Next Steps

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