Project Based Solutions

Contract Expertise

You want to lead your own project, but you could use a few extra resources. You could use Greystone’s experience and expertise to help you make your deadline or get past that technical hurdle. Contracting Greystone’s services by the hour allows you to tap into the extensive skill set of Greystone engineers to complete that project or help plan strategy.

If your organization needs a little of this and a little of that, Greystone can work with you to determine and deliver exactly what you need. Whether it is technical development, strategy consulting, architecture consulting, or you need a CIO for a day or week, Greystone can work with you to advance your computing environment according to your business goals.


Fixed Price / Fixed Deliverable

You may know what you need, but are not sure about how to get it done. Not every project can or should be done “by the hour”. Greystone can offer a Fixed Price / Fixed Deliverable model for projects where the scope is, well understood. How do we do it?  Simple, we separate discovery and delivery. During a discovery phase, Greystone staff works with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your computing and business need. At the end of the discovery phase, Greystone understands the full scope of your project presents a comprehensive set of specifications and plan to you, including the cost to build out that plan. You the have the option of moving forward with the delivery phase of the project where Greystone will deliver the finished project according to the specification for a specific price and in a set time.

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