ATAX Multifamily Tax-Exempt Loan for New Construction

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ATAX Tax-Exempt Construction to Perm Financing

Multifamily Tax-Exempt Loans for New Construction or Acquisition/Rehab
Projects utilizing the 4% LIHTC – ATAX Construction Loan to Freddie Mac
Optigo® Tax-Exempt Loan (TEL) Forward Commitment


  • Nationwide
  • For Profit and Non-Profit sponsors on 4% LIHTC transactions

Loan Amount
Target size of at least $8 million

Loan Purpose
New Construction or acquisition/rehabilitation of affordable housing projects that can be financed in conjunction with the 4% LIHTC.

Typically, 3 year interest only with one six month extension.

Not prepayable during construction.

Full recourse on construction debt through conversion.