Cushman & Wakefield: Banking Failures Explained

May 10, 2023

Since the banking turmoil erupted in early March, there have been a lot of questions—and misconceptions even—as to the role banks play in the CRE landscape.

From Greystone's joint venture partners at Cushman & Wakefield, we bring you a timely Q&A on the banking crisis, answering questions about the role of regional banks in our economy, debunking misconceptions about bank failures, and exploring what the potential impact could be on commercial real estate.

Click HERE to read the banking commentary from Rebecca Rockey, Deputy Chief Economist, Global Head of Forecasting at Cushman & Wakefield, which covers:

  • What Happened
  • Why This is Different from the Great Financial Crisis
  • Why CRE is in the Limelight
  • Key Metrics We’re Watching