Environmental, Social & Governance

Greystone is committed to transparency, authenticity, and continual progress toward our Environmental, Social, and Governance goals, including advancing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to support our mission and tagline, ‘Where People Matter.’ Our latest ESG Report details our efforts toward these important aspects of organizational health in alignment with our purpose and values.

ESG is fundamental to the Greystone purpose of “enriching the lives of our employees, our clients, and those with whom we share this planet.” With a core strategy of long-term, sustainable development, our ESG approach is about maximizing the wider positive value we can generate.
We are committed to the following 3 pillars:

Healthy Environment

Real impact on the environment we all depend on. We incentivize borrowers to make environmental improvements in their properties through green learning programs.
Top 3
Fannie Mae Green Loan Originator
loans in servicing portfolio under green lending programs (13% of all loans originated)
commitment to bring energy efficiences to residents across Indiana
tons carbon avoided by transitioning to cloud-based data
Source: Greystone's 2021 ESG Report

Thriving Society

Real impact through creating career opportunities and providing direct access to affordable housing, delivering real difference to individuals and families in need.
of employees feel treated with respect at work*
rural housing developer**
total affordable housing lending
in giving to individuals, families, and organizations
Source: Greystone's 2021 ESG Report
*Employee Survey 2021; **As rated by the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing.

Responsible Governance

Real impact through excellence is the compass which guides everything we do. But words alone are not enough. We are committed to caring for people and driven to deliver impactful solutions across our entire business.
of employees received Code of Ethics traning
Project Gateway
launched as a new innovative cusomter platform
data security breaches
Equity in Action
founded for diverse real estate developers and investors
Source: Greystone's 2021 ESG Report

Together, we learn and grow each day – challenging each other to strive for excellence. We share a common purpose; we drive for results; we are loved. People Matter – You Matter!”

Founder and CEO

Like the highly-respected firms before them, Greystone recognizes the need for change in their industry and is taking an active role in moving the needle to create career opportunities for black and brown students and graduates.

Cedric Bobo
CEO and Co-Founder at Project Destined
Proud Industry Award Winner for Social Impact: Muse Creative Awards, GD USA Digital Design Awards, GD USA In-House Design Awards, and NYX Awards: