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Greystone is proud to be the leading commercial FHA multifamily and healthcare lender in the country and a recognized expert in FHA-insured loan programs.

As a premier Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP) and Healthcare LEAN lender, we have a proven track record of providing unparalleled service and expertise to our clients. Our strong relationships with HUD offices nationwide and deep understanding of HUD’s evolving regulations and policies position us to successfully guide our clients through the complex loan process.

Greystone offers diverse FHA lending solutions for refinancing, acquisition, rehabilitation, and new construction for both multifamily and healthcare assets. These attractive financing options have favorable terms with competitive rates, flexible prepayment penalties, low debt service, and green-building certified incentives. Bridge and mezzanine financing programs are also available for qualified clients seeking bridge financing while working to secure a permanent FHA loan.

Our dedicated FHA team has the vision and expertise to help you customize creative financing solutions to achieve your goals and deliver exceptional results.

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Our client sought new construction financing to develop a five-story, multifamily development close to the University of Oregon and Eugene’s bustling riverfront scene. The developer envisioned an urban, mass timber residential design focused on environmental sustainability. With Oregon’s traditionally high construction costs, finding a creative financing approach was a top priority for the borrower.  


The FHA 221(d)(4) loan was the solution for this project due to its favorable terms and the borrower’s commitment to sustainability. Crosswood Apartments achieved Earth Advantage Platinum Certification, enabling qualification for HUD’s green financing incentives for a reduced Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) of 0.25%, saving the borrower significantly in long-term costs. 


Crosswood Apartments exemplifies sustainable urban development, successfully balancing environmental responsibility with economic feasibility. The asset received three Earth Advantage awards: Innovative Design, Most Certified Units – Multifamily, and Project of the Year.
As a first-time HUD borrower, Greystone’s guidance in the application and financing process played a pivotal role in helping realize our client’s vision. This successful transaction underscores HUD’s effectiveness in supporting diverse market-rate multifamily projects within urban settings and provided our client a solid foundation for their innovative initiative.  

Click below to learn more about HUD’s Green MIP program advantages and how to qualify. 

The team’s proficiency in securing FHA financing was crucial for our Eugene project. Their insightful approach to leveraging HUD’s favorable terms and incentives optimized our financing and paved the way for an environmentally sound, economically viable urban development.”
Philip Farrington,
CDC Management Corp.

Most Certified Units
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