Consistency in Changing Times

Greystone has grown and evolved over the years, but our values have not changed. What matters to us now is what mattered when we started out. 

Our culture remains the engine of our business. It is how we attract and retain the best talent, stand out from the competition, and turn our customers into our fiercest supporters.

Our Standards

Four standards define the way we work together as a team, how we connect with our customers, and how we engage with the community.

The standards that guide us – and the behaviors that uphold them – were created and defined by our employees, for our employees.

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Caring

Stephen Rosenberg

Simply put, our corporate culture is an extension of my family’s beliefs and behaviors. Like many of you, I was held to very high standards by my loving parents - of utmost importance: treating others with respect and dignity, lifting others, and enhancing lives whenever the opportunity arose. Unconditional caring (LOVE) was the core of our life - our existence as a family was to help those less fortunate, not just through our limited financial means, but through acts of kindness, caring, and love. I started Greystone not just to support my family but to surround myself with like-minded individuals who could create a vehicle to help our brothers and sisters in need. Together, we learn and grow each day - challenging each other to strive for excellence - all while having fun and knowing that our efforts and successes will lead to even more kind deeds in the future.

Steve Rosenberg
Founder and Corporate Chief Executive Officer

Living the Culture

Our culture does not merely exist on paper. It is key to nurturing and sustaining a positive work atmosphere and achieving success. It drives our actions in our hiring practices, our recognition and rewards programs, our review process, our leadership, high potential programs, and many more initiatives.

An important component of the culture is our recognition program called Greystone Shout-Out. The online app allows us to instantly recognize each other when the Greystone Culture is personified: peer-to-peer, manager-to-peer, peer-to-manager, and across all job functions and roles. Greystone Shout-Out celebrates the importance of our culture on an ongoing basis. 

Where People Matter 

We retain talented people by caring for our employees and empowering them to be their best. If our culture speaks to you, we encourage you to join our team.  View Careers