GLOW CRE Podcast

GLOW CRE. A podcast sponsored by Greystone.

Gaining Leaders, Originators, and Women in Commercial Real Estate

Greystone’s Pharrah Jackson and Pamela LeVault share their words of wisdom with friends and colleagues in a podcast to inspire a new generation of women and future leaders in commercial real estate. GLOW CRE, which launched in March 2023, during Women’s History Month, stands for: Gaining Leaders, Originators and Women in Commercial Real Estate. The podcast is an honest look into what it’s like being a woman in CRE finance, how some of the industry’s top women got to where they are, and how women can work together with men as allies to increase equity for all in the CRE sector.

Catch Up on the Latest GLOW CRE Episodes

Episode 16: Nicole Provonchee on Strategic Success

GLOW CRE is joined by executive coach Nicole Provonchee, who shares the secret to breaking down barriers, rising above, and taking responsibility of your own success and career growth. Learn how to turn bad habits into superpowers from this insightful conversation. 

Episode 15: Jen Harrop on Women in the Canadian CRE Market

Pamela and Pharrah are joined by Jen Harrop, SVP, Fund Management at Peakhill Capital in Toronto, Canada for their first look at how women are faring in the international CRE sector. They delve into similarities / differences between the US and Canadian markets and whether an investor deck can be "too pink." 

Episode 14: Angela Kelcher on Why Housing is Personal

Angela Kelcher, co-head of JLL's affordable housing group, is many things - coach, marathoner, comedian, and musician - but in her discussion with GLOW CRE hosts Pharrah and Pamela, she shares why affordable housing has been personal to her since she was young, and how it shaped her career. 

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We want women in this industry to be lights for each other and to completely light up the entire CRE industry.


Finalist, Shorty Impact Awards 2023