Moody’s Chief Economist on Economic Recovery & CRE

September 07, 2021

Moody’s Analytics’ Chief Economist, Mark Zandi, recently spoke with Therese Fitzgerald, Executive Editor of Commercial Property Executive, on where the economy stands today, and what this means for CRE. Watch their insightful conversation and learn about the continued recovery from the shortest – but most severe – recession in U.S. history.

In their discussion, Mark and Therese cover:

  • Whether inflation will stabilize, and when;
  • If, and when, the U.S. will return to full employment;
  • Whether he thinks remote work is permanent, and who benefits most;
  • His outlook on business travel; and
  • Which commercial real estate asset classes are poised for the most impact (positive and negative) as the recovery drags on.

Watch the interview here.