Greystone's Tanya Eastwood Appointed to Board of National Rural Housing Coalition

January 18, 2017

Tanya Eastwood, President of Greystone Affordable Housing Initiatives LLC, a leading provider of affordable housing recapitalization and rehabilitation services, has been appointed to the board of the National Rural Housing Coalition. Tanya’s tenure with the NRHC includes several years as an active member, while simultaneously leading Greystone’s efforts in preserving thousands of affordable housing units across the United States.

NRHC, founded in 1969, has the mission to achieve better housing and community facilities for low-income rural families. The organization works to focus policy makers on the needs of rural areas through direct advocacy and by coordinating a network of rural housing advocates around the nation.

“The NRHC is a vital organization to the efforts of both public and private advocates of rural affordable housing, and I am honored to serve on the board with such distinguished members,” said Ms. Eastwood. “At no point more than today do the millions of residents in affordable housing need vocal advocates to ensure that their resources are preserved. I look forward to being an active participant in the fight for residents’ rights through the NRHC.”

At Greystone, Ms. Eastwood is responsible for the strategic growth and implementation of Greystone’s affordable housing preservation efforts, which assist non-profit and for-profit owners and developers in meeting the challenges associated with the preservation, recapitalization, and rehabilitation of affordable housing assets across the U.S. Ms. Eastwood also currently serves as President of the National Council for Affordable and Rural Housing.

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