Affordable Housing Finance: “AHF Top 25 Lenders: Better Days in 2024”

April 12, 2024

Jeff England
Jeff Englund, Executive Vice President for Greystone’s multifamily affordable housing finance platform

In 2023, Greystone played a significant role in the affordable housing market, ranking among the top lenders with a lending volume of $1.7 billion. Despite challenges like rising interest rates and construction costs, Greystone remained active in providing financing for affordable housing projects. Greystone was involved in financing the rehab of Andrews Terrace in Rochester, New York, through a $200 million construction loan provided to Conifer Realty and Community Preservation Partners.

Affordable Housing Finance highlights that while the lending volume for affordable housing decreased in 2023, lenders are optimistic about a better year ahead, aiming to navigate through the challenges and continue supporting affordable housing initiatives.

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