Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Greystone is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by increasing workforce diversity, creating equity, and modeling inclusion and belonging. DEI is at the heart of our culture of caring, integrity, and excellence and the driving force behind our entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

DEI: The Heart of Our Culture

of employees feel treated equally regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.*
*Greystone Employee Survey 2022

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Our DEI vision is ‘Building Belonging’ by focusing on three strategic pillars to build:

  • culture
  • careers/people
  • community

Our strategic priorities to deliver on our mission and vision are belonging and employee engagement, DEI learning, talent acquisition, talent development and mentoring, data/metrics, and communication.

Building belonging through our DEI committee, volunteer efforts and ERGs.


Meet the Committee!

United to respect others and support communities through service and giving.

The DEI committee is made up of employees and leaders who collaborate to make Greystone more inclusive and be a a champion of DEI in the Commercial Real Estate space.

The DEI Committee is comprised of three subcommittees: Culture, Careers & People and Community.

The three groups focus on embedding DEI in Greystone culture through events, communications, recruitment strategies, training, charitable giving and our mentoring program to support our employees and underrepresented communities.

EmployeeResource Groups

Greystone employees with shared interests, and/or life experiences can join Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These serve as internal networks supporting community, belonging, connection, and professional development while strengthening business impact and promoting our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

Women's Network

Greystone Women’s Network (GWN) is dedicated to supporting, hiring, retaining, and empowering women throughout the firm. GWN offers inclusive events and programs for all genders to connect, grow, and learn together.

Asian Pacific Islanders

Greystone Asian Pacific Islanders (GAPI) educates the Greystone community about Asian and Pacific Islander (API) issues, builds community within Greystone to support API employees, and promotes professional growth.

Pride + Allies

Greystone’s Pride + Allies ERG strives to create a welcoming culture where the LGBTQ+ community and their allies can be their authentic selves, build belonging, drive positive change, and ensure all those who interact with Greystone feel safe, valued, respected, and supported.

Whether it’s through stories, inspirational training, mentoring, or celebrating the diverse perspectives and backgrounds we have here at Greystone, together we build a sense of belonging that cascades out to the community.

Pranika Sinha
Managing Director, DEI & Organizational Development
Greystone has been named a Top 10 Enterprise-Wide ERG for 2023 by Talent Dimensions / Global ERG Network for the annual Diversity Impact Awards
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