Greystone Receives Excellence Awards from Fannie Mae

May 12, 2023

Greystone was honored with two distinctions from Fannie Mae for its performance during 2022 as a Delegated Underwriting & Servicing (DUS®) lender.

Greystone, the only company to receive two Lender Specialty Awards for 2022, was recognized for the following:

Excellence in Operations
“Greystone demonstrated excellence across multiple processes, including committing, delivery and certification, funding, securitization, disclosure, servicing reporting, and remitting and liquidation throughout the year.

Greystone has proven their strong commitment to the timely delivery of high-quality data, constant engagement, and partnership, all focused on meeting our mutual customers’ expectations. Greystone ranks among top performers in our many operations areas. They are proactive in making us aware of borrower issues and impacts from market changes and offering feedback and suggestions to improve processes.”

Excellence in Duty to Serve
“Greystone demonstrated their commitment to Duty to Serve (DTS) throughout 2022 by proactively sourcing eligible deals and tackling challenging targets across all three underserved markets. They brought their expertise and dedication to bear on DTS, even creating internal tools to help their production teams identify opportunities for 2023 and beyond. We are thankful for Greystone’s ongoing partnership.”

Greystone also ranked as the #1 Small Loans producer for Fannie Mae in 2022, #1 Seniors Housing loan producer, and the #3 Green Financing producer for the same period.

In a press release about its top DUS lenders in 2022, for which Greystone ranked sixth overall, Rob Levin, Senior Vice President and Multifamily Chief Customer Officer, Fannie Mae, commented:

"We want to thank our DUS lenders for their partnership and helping us support the multifamily market. Together with our lenders, we were active across all market segments while building a balanced portfolio."

“We value our partnership with Fannie Mae and look forward to growing our relationship even further in 2023,” commented Chip Hudson, head of Greystone’s Agency lending platform.

“We thank Fannie Mae for the recognition of our Servicing and Asset Management operations, which is a great honor and validation for the hard work our team put into building a strong relationship with Fannie Mae,” added Sharon Briskman, head of Greystone’s Servicing and Asset Management platform.