Episode 1: Welcome to GLOW CRE – Meet Your Hosts

Season 1, Episode 1

Commercial real estate finance veterans Pamela van Os and Pharrah Jackson share their words of wisdom with listeners in a podcast intended to inspire a new generation of women and future leaders in commercial real estate. 

In this inaugural episode, Pamela and Pharrah introduce themselves and talk about the mission for GLOW CRE - come along for the journey!

GLOW CRE (Gaining Leaders, Originators and Women in Commercial Real Estate) is an honest look into what it’s like being a woman in CRE finance, how some of the industry’s top women got to where they are, and how women can work together with men as allies to increase equity for all in the CRE sector.

Reach out to hosts Pamela (pamela.vanos@greyco.com) and Pharrah (pharrah.jackson@greyco.com) with questions about CRE finance careers or suggestions for future episodes.

GLOW CRE is sponsored by Greystone, a leading commercial real estate finance company.